Level classification

This is where it pays for parents to take a very close look. Ignorance or false ambition can lead to your child riding at the wrong level - which can become dangerous. The general rule is: if in doubt, it's better to go one level too low.

Blue Prince / Princess

Within the level Blue Prince / Blue Princess it has three different levels.

Bears: You stand on skis for the first time. You learn about the equipment, learn how to walk with skis and how to climb with different techniques.

Penguin: You learn to drive straight and brake in the plow.

Snake: You make turns in the plow, manage the obstacles and - most importantly - control the speed and brake. You learn also the basics for the T-bar ski lift.



Blue Queen / Blue King

You learn sloping runs and slides, plow swinging, safe riding over waves on the blue slope - and independent T-bar ski lift riding.



Blue Star

At this level you need your ski poles for the first time. You feel comfortable on blue and red slopes and are ready for tricks in the fall line, slope and small jumps.



Red League Prince / Princess

You will learn to traverse a slope and slide sideways and stop. You learn tricks like waltzing and ride a red-marked slope with parallel turns.



Red Queen / Red King

You do short turns on an easy red slope and skate steps on the flat,- at the end of this level you will ski the red slope with slid parallel turns.



Red Star

You feel confident on the red slope. You learn short-swing tricks like reverse, stretch jump and single-leg swing on the inside and outside skis.