Voucher points for multiple tickets can only be redeemed online.

Multiple ticket: You can buy the multiple ticket (3 or 6 tickets) only online. After payment you will receive a voucher with a code by mail. If you then go back to the online store, check "Redeem multiple ticket" and enter the code. You can book your 3 or 6 course dates with the corresponding times. The amount on the bottom right will remain 0.00, because you have already paid for the multiple ticket. If you know all dates, then you book them all - otherwise you can book only one course at a time. The multiple ticket (3 and 6) - that can be used for several children - is valid for 365 days from the date of sale and can only be used online.

It is important that you book online at least before 10am the day before the course.


Attention: Multiple tickets (3-person and 6-person tickets) are only available online. As our tickets are re-dated, it is mandatory to book the course date and time (10am to 12pm or 2pm to 4pm) correctly - and before 10 am on the day before the course.

Single ticket: You can pay and book the course online before 10am the day before the course with correct date and course time. If there are free places in the group courses, the single ticket can also be purchased at the box office.