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Blue League Prince / Princess

Ascending with stair and fork steps, parallel skiing in the fall line,
gliding and braking as a snow plough, information on the equipment


Blue League King / Queen

Safe use of the lift facilities, traverse skiing and sliding, snow plough swings, safe skiing on blue slopes, information on the safe use of transport facilities


Blue League Star

Trick in the fall line and traverse, jumping on a small jump, swinging in the mini gate forest, information on behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)


Red League Prince / Princess

Sliding and stopping in the traverse and fall line, parallel turns in the hollows, step turning downhills, parallel swing (skidded), information on nature, forest and landscape


Red League King / Queen

Parallel skiing on red slopes, ice-skating step on flat terrain, leg swinging on the outer ski, short turns on easy slopes, information on «warm-up»


Red League Star

Parallel turns in the gate couloir, tricks: fakie skiing (introduction), Walzer, leg swinging on the inside ski, jumping: straight jump, information about the material evolution

7 - 11

Swiss Snow Academy

Short turns, synchronised skiing, carving, bumpy slope, slope tricks, park & pipe, jumps (grabs, spins), off-slope, race training, ski-cross